Q. I'm having problems signing in to the databases. Why won't it let me log in?

There may be several issues preventing you from accessing the library databases. Below is a list of common problems and how to fix them.


You did not use the database links from the library website.

Go to Start Your Research and click on the database links on that page. All of these links have special coding in them that will recognize you as belonging to SPSCC and redirect you to login through the SPSCC login portal.

If you do a Google search for the name of the database, then you will get a generic link to the database that does not recognize you as belonging to SPSCC and will not allow you to access the database.

TIP: This info is true for all libraries, e.g. Timberland Regional Library, St. Martin's University, etc. Since libraries pre-pay for you (i.e. their students and members) to access their databases, you must use the database links on their library website to authenticate.


Your internet browser is using old info stored on it.

Sometimes, your browser may store old information in the temporary internet cache, history, and cookies that may interfere with your access to the library databases. You should make a habit of deleting old information on your browser periodically. Usually, this will fix your access problem and allow you to sign in to the databases.

In case you need it, below are links to different help pages to guide you on how to clear your history, cache, and cookies in different browsers.


Your password needs to be updated.

If you are using your internet browser's password manager to remember your passwords, then check it to make sure it has your most current password. Password managers don't automatically update your password unless you tell them to do it. Sometimes, even when you tell the password manager to update your password, the new password might not be remembered and may need you to manually change it in the password manager's vault.

In case you need it, below are links to different help pages to guide you on how to manage your passwords in different browsers. Just do a search for spscc to find SPSCC login pages.


You are not a currently enrolled student.

The subscription licenses to the databases only allow currently enrolled SPSCC students and employees to access them remotely through SPSCC login authentication.

Alumni, community members, and students from other colleges can access the databases when they are inside the library.


Still have problems accessing the databases?

Contact Lily Kun to help you troubleshoot.

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